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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Intelligent Design

As the debate rages on about whether or not intelligent design should be taught in public schools, the question keeps presenting itself to me, "Who Cares!?" Why are so many focused on what public, non religious schools are teaching our children about religion when it is we, as Christians who ought to be teaching others about the good news of Christ. For many, I think, this is an issue of loyalty. Far too many see this issue as an either or situation. Either you support intelligent design and its being taught in schools, or you are a pagan. This is simply not the case. I believe God created the world yes, but I believe that the place to teach that doctrine is in the Christian home and in Sunday School. Let public schools talk about how the world was created, but frankly, I don't care what they say about who did the creating. Lets remember, we can always tell children to think for themselves.

I also hear a great number of comments about how ungodly our schools are becoming. To that I have several responses. 1. My mother is a public school teacher, and she sees her job as ministry. While she does not teach about religion, her religious beliefs permeate who she is, so that whenever she goes into her school, Christ walks in with her. Wherever those who love Christ are, so there is Christ amongst them. I was recently at a Conference with Dr. Ben Witherington III, where he said that many Evangelical Christians have pulled their kids out of public schools and begun to home school them or to put them into "Christian" schools. If our schools have slid to a more godless position, perhaps it is because Christians, by their absence, have allowed it to happen. It is the presence of Christians in the schools, being loving and kind as Jesus was, not teaching intelligent design, that will make our schools godly again. It is the learners, and not the curriculum, who determine that. Let's quit wasting our time confusing Sunday School and science class.


Blogger Brian Tubbs said...

Your post presumes that evolution is more credible as science than Intelligent Design. This is a mistake.


-Brian Tubbs

Monday, August 07, 2006 5:53:00 PM


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